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Punitive Action And Public Shaming Will Not Stop Corporate Inversions


By Geoff Davis
Daily Caller
August 29, 2014


Clearly, our tax system is dysfunctional and needs a serious overhaul, but we have yet to see true leadership from the administration on addressing the crux of the problem. Unfortunately, the White House believes that it should act on its own by trying to find ways to punish companies that are simply tired of being taxed at higher rates than anywhere else in the world.


Instead of resorting to public shaming and bombastic rhetoric, we need to get serious about creating an updated and competitive tax system that encourages companies to call the U.S. “home.” Less scolding, more leading.


Geoff Davis is a former U.S. Representative and served on the House Ways and Means Committee. Davis is now a managing partner at Republic Consulting LLC.


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